Did you say twins?


David I. Lynch-Salamon, MD Finding out you are pregnant with more than one baby is definitely exciting and likely a little intimidating for most women and their families. Even though multiple births are more common these days, a nervous “what happens now?” usually follows the big news. In caring for women who are expecting twins … Continued

Make exercise a priority during pregnancy

Elisa Wright, MD You’re pregnant. Congratulations! Besides the nausea and fatigue, you probably have many questions: “What should I eat? What shouldn’t I eat? What vitamins or supplements should I take? Which doctor should I see?” So many questions. At The Mother Baby Center, we would like to help answer one of these important questions. … Continued

Seeing a chiropractor during and after pregnancy

We recently reached out to one of the chiropractors in our Allina Health system who treats pregnant moms and asked her about how a chiropractor can help moms prior to and after giving birth. This is what Dr. Rochelle Rougier-Maas, DC, at Allina Medical Clinic in Edina had to say: What role can a chiropractor play in … Continued