What to pack for labor

The Mother Baby Center provides almost everything you need for your stay here, but there are a few things that you’ll need to bring with you.

We have the necessities

The Mother Baby Center provides all necessary supplies for care after birth. Hemorrhoid pads and water bottles; laboring tools like birthing balls, peanut balls, birthing bars, and birthing mirrors will all be available for you. Additionally, The Mother Baby Center will supply you with diapers, wipes, linens, and a baby hat; and toiletries including a hair dryer, towels, soap, lotion, toothpaste, and shampoo.

What you need to bring for delivery:

  • A photo ID (driver’s license or another ID)
  • Your insurance card
  • Any hospital paperwork you need
  • Your birth plan
  • Your cell phone and charger
  • Eyeglasses if you wear them. Even if you usually wear contacts, you might not want to deal with them when you’re in the hospital

Toiletries that are not provided by The Mother Baby Center:

  • A bathrobe or nightgown, slippers, and socks if you want to wear your own clothes
  • Comfortable nursing bras or regular bras and maternity underwear
  • An extra set of clothes in case of an extended stay
  • A going home outfit for you and your baby
  • Anything to help you relax. For example, your own pillow, music, or a picture of someone or something you love