Creating a birth plan

Illustration: 5. A black woman lies in a hospital bed, comforted by a Black man and a white man. All 3 are wearing masks. In the background a blonde, white woman wearing scrubs is working at a computer.

A birth plan will guide you in detailing your preferences for labor and delivery so that you can discuss them with your partner and health care provider. It’s a way to describe what’s most important to you.

Important pieces to consider: 

  • Where you want to deliver
  • Labor environment (in a quiet space, music playing, in a bath, with lots of support people, etc.)
  • Who do you want present 
  • What positions feel comfortable
  • Pain medication 
  • Holistic remedies 
  • Post-birth decisions 

When you come to The Mother Baby Center to deliver your baby, be sure to share your birth plan with your care team and nurses. They will use it so that they know what techniques you’d like to try for breathing, pushing and delivery, and, if necessary, what your preferences are for medical intervention and delivery.

Download our birth plan worksheet. It can help you think through and record your preferences for your labor, childbirth, and hospital stay.

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