Support groups

Being a mom is rewarding, but it can also be stressful and tiring. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, think about connecting with one of our support groups of women just like you who experience the ups and downs of pregnancy and motherhood.

Circle of Moms

All women who are pregnant or postpartum are welcome at Circle of Moms. The group offers a safe and welcoming space to talk about pregnancy, postpartum care, breastfeeding stressors, change in identity/role and the importance of sleep and self-care.

Calm Moms

Having a baby that is in the hospital is overwhelming; therefore, moms with babies who are in the intensive care units (NICU/ICC/SCN/CVCC) are invited to this skills-based group called CALM Moms.

Baby Café

Baby Café is a family-friendly, drop-in breastfeeding support group that offers tips to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals. You can visit with an international, board-certified lactation consultant and other moms. Baby Café is available at our St. Paul and Coon Rapids locations and is free to participants.

  • Baby Café – St Paul
  • Baby Café – Coon Rapids
  • Baby Café virtual meetings
    During this COVID-19 environment, we are supporting moms and babies in new ways. We have resumed select Baby Cafe support groups in virtual settings. For additional information on upcoming Baby Cafe virtual meetings, please call the Baby Cafe voice mail at 651-241-5088.

Latch Lounge from Nest Collaborative

Nest Collaborative is a collection of International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants® who conduct online, video appointments to help guide parents through the breastfeeding process. Learn about Nest’s Latch Lounge virtual group sessions.

Mindful Moms

Mindful Moms: Complementary Approaches to Managing Anxiety during Pregnancy.

Anxiety in pregnancy can impair sleep, relationships and quality of life. We offer a holistic approach to managing anxiety during pregnancy through a shared medical visit. We will focus on psychological, emotional and physiological well-being.

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