After birth care

Each family requires time to heal and bond after delivery, so we make sure to offer postpartum care options than will help support your family during a time of need, and prepare for the journey home.  

A mother and father holding their baby on a couch
A mother and father looking at their baby in the incubator crib during a newborn screening

Newborn care & screenings

After delivery, some babies go home within a couple of days while others may need to stay with us for a longer period of time. For as long as your little one needs to stay with us, The Mother Baby Center believes that every baby deserves the best care.

Breastfeeding & lactation support

Our lactation consultants offer support to families and babies learning how to breastfeed. You may request to see a consultant during your stay at The Mother Baby Center or make an appointment after you leave.

A mother sitting and holding her baby with her partner next to her after receiving breastfeeding support
A mother holding her baby while recovering from childbirth in a wheelchair. Her partner stands next to her

Recovering from childbirth

Your body goes through an intense process during childbirth, and it will need time to recover. At The Mother Baby Center, we will do everything we can to help you through this process.

Home health

Many mothers and babies qualify for one Allina Home Health – Mother & Newborn visit at no additional cost after they leave the hospital.

A smiling mother and father holding their baby on a couch while waiting for a home health visit

Postpartum services

The birth of a baby brings excitement and new challenges, especially as you may be recovering physically and settling into a new routine. This postpartum or “after birth” adjustment usually takes months – not weeks – for most new parents.

Social services

The Mother Baby Center supports the health, safety, and well-being of all families. Our clinical social workers provide services to help patients and families cope with physical, emotional, and social issues and concerns.