Visiting standards

Visiting standards

Who can visit The Mother Baby Center?

Our visiting guidelines have been updated to protect all patients, visitors and staff. Below are the visiting standards for both The Mother Baby Center and neonatal units.

Visiting at The Mother Baby Center

Allina Health visiting standards:

  • Open to visitors.
  • For COVID-19 positive patients:
    • Up to two visitors per day are allowed for patients in Enhanced Respiratory Precautions for rule-out or confirmed COVID-19. Sites may choose to limit to the same two visitors or can allow different visitors, but no more than two per day.
    • Patients in precautions due to active tuberculosis, measles or a novel influenza infections will have a limit of two visitors per day.
  • Trained doulas are considered part of the care team.
  • Masks are required at all of our locations, regardless of vaccination status.

Learn more about Allina Health’s visiting standards.

Visiting the neonatal units

Children’s Minnesota visiting standards:

  • Four visitors are allowed at the hospital bedside, including parents/legal guardians.
  • Children ages 5-17 must be from the same household as the patient in order to visit.
  • All visitors ages 5 and up must wear a medical grade mask while in the facility, regardless of vaccination status. No visitors under age 5.
  • All visitors are required to be screened for a wellness check when arriving, and may not visit if they are ill or in their infectious period for COVID-19.

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