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To ensure that your care provider will be able to assist you with your birth, use the steps below to verify that they deliver at your preferred location.

Illustration: A black woman in a hospital gown, is laying in a hospital bed. She is surrounded by her Black female partner, two white hospital staff members, and another white woman. All individuals are wearing masks.

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The best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby is to attend regular prenatal visits with a health care provider throughout your entire pregnancy.

While The Mother Baby Center doesn’t provide prenatal care directly since we instead focus on delivery, our partnership with Allina Health brings together a wonderful team of pregnancy care experts. Use the fields below to choose a pregnancy care provider that sees patients near you and delivers at The Mother Baby Center.

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Taking a few minutes to pre-register for your upcoming stay at The Mother Baby Center will make sure you’re ready to check in when your arrive, and will help decrease the stress of rushing to the hospital while in labor. You will need your insurance information and medical records to complete the forms.

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