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The Mother Baby Center expands midwifery services with St. Paul United Hospital partnership

Learn more about midwifery and the new services we’re offering

The Mother Baby Center is very excited to announce the growth of our midwifery program to our St. Paul United Hospital location! This service is an expansion of our already existing midwifery services, located at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis and Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids (a partnership with Health Partners clinic).

What is a midwife?

Certified nurse-midwives provide pregnancy and childbirth care that combines conventional and complementary care recommendations, including options like water birth, vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC), and support for use or non-use of pain medication in labor.

Midwifery is centered on wellness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles all while supporting a woman’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

We asked Kathrine Simon, certified nurse-midwife at Allina Health and The Mother Baby Center, what makes midwives at The Mother Baby Center different and she said, “We prioritize patient-centered care, the empowerment of women and their families and the support of all births – natural, water, vaginal, Cesarean and VBAC.”

Why should I use a midwife?

Midwives work with women and families through all stages of life including pregnancy, childbirth, routine annual health exams and menopause. A midwife birth involves a certified nurse-midwife who is an advanced practice nurse with either a masters or doctoral degree in midwifery. A midwife can order labs and prescribe medications.

What are the benefits of using a midwife?

There are many benefits to using a midwife and one of the main reasons is that they will be your teammate and partner through it all.

“We will work together during the journey of pregnancy to provide education, support and empowerment of the woman and her family,” said Kathrine. “We are looking at the birth as a part of their health care journey.”

How does a midwife help during a woman’s pregnancy journey?

Midwives are there with you from the early stages of your pregnancy to after you’ve given birth. Here’s what you can expect:

During pregnancy care and childbirth your midwife will:

  • Offer care that combines conventional and complementary care recommendations.
  • Support your birthing choices, including water birth, VBAC, trial of labor after Cesarean (TOLAC) and family-centered Cesarean services, as appropriate with collaborative obstetrics partners.
  • Support your decision to use or not use medication in labor.
  • Encourage use of doulas for continuous labor support.

“As midwives we love to teach; however, we also find that our patients teach us,” said Kathrine. “Women know their bodies, hopes, dreams and fears. This partnership provides for a rich and powerful journey during birth, annual exam or for any interaction.”

The Mother Baby Center midwife services and locations:

Allina Health midwives catch babies at The Mother Baby Centers at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, United Hospital located in St. Paul and Mercy Hospital located in Coon Rapids in partnership with the Health Partners midwifery team.

Health Partners midwives catch babies at The Mother Baby Center at Mercy Hospital located in Coon Rapids.