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Second trimester checklist: nurturing your pregnancy

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Congratulations on making it to the next stage of your pregnancy. Hopefully, you’re starting to feel less nauseous, and your energy is returning. There are many things you can do to prepare for the arrival of your newborn during your second trimester, so we created a second-trimester checklist for you!

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What to do in the second trimester

During your second trimester, there are many important things to do, like planning your birth experience and getting maternity clothes. And there are also fun things to do during this time, like decorating your nursery and brainstorming baby names.

When do you start your second trimester?

There are three standard stages, called trimesters, that pregnant persons go through during their nine months of pregnancy. The second trimester starts when you are 4 months pregnant and lasts until you are 6 months pregnant (14-26 weeks).

It is during the second trimester months that pregnancy will likely become more visible to others, and you may find that your regular clothes begin to feel uncomfortable. In addition, it’s pretty common to have heartburn, indigestion, and constipation. Other discomforts may include breathlessness, leg cramps, and more.

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Second trimester to-do list

Here’s a start to your to-do list.

Plan your birth experience

Creating a birth plan or planning your birth experience is essential. A birth plan will guide you in detailing your preferences for labor and delivery so that you can discuss them with your partner and health care provider. It’s a way to describe what’s most important to you. What to consider:

  • Where you want to deliver
  • Labor environment
  • Who you want present
  • Pain medication
  • More

Look into birthing classes

As you get ready for labor and delivery, we urge you and your partner or support person to attend childbirth preparation classes. In these classes, you and your partner will:

  • Get help to prepare you for childbirth and healthy childhood development
  • Learn breathing and relaxation techniques that can enhance the progress of labor
  • Learn strategies to reduce your pain and fears

Decorate the nursery.

Decorating your baby’s nursery can be so fun! Plus, it can help you and your partner bond with your baby. Think about what colors and decorations you want. But also, think about logistics, like having a trash can next to the changing table and having the most important things within reach, not hidden away.

Other things to do during your second trimester:

  • Buy some maternity clothes.
  • Learn about optional screening tests.
  • Start brainstorming baby names.
  • Start thinking about your baby shower.
  • Start planning for childcare.
white pregnant woman sleeping with an eye mask on

Second trimester health tips

If you’re wondering what to do in the second trimester of your pregnancy, there is some helpful health advice to take into account. 

Sleep tips for the second trimester

According to the Sleep Foundation, people tend to sleep the best during the second trimester because morning sickness has gone away and the baby isn’t big enough to interfere with sleep. Here are a few tips to get the best sleep during your second trimester:

  • Sleep on your left side.
  • Try an eye mask and/or a noise machine.
  • Try relaxation techniques, like mediation, before bed.

Schedule a dentist appointment

It’s important to continue to go to the dentist even while pregnant. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that can create risks for dental issues. WebMD says 40% of women will develop gingivitis sometime during their pregnancy. So, make sure to make it to your regular dental checkups.

Other second trimester health tips:

  • Keep your belly moisturized.
  • Remember, heartburn is typically very normal during your second trimester.
  • Continue to be mindful of exercise and diet.

Explore The Mother Baby Center’s birth classes and support groups for mothers

Being prepared will always help a soon-to-be or new parent feel better about caring for their baby. We encourage you to do that by using this checklist for your second trimester, signing up for childbirth classes, and joining support groups!