Beating the ‘baby blues’ during COVID-19

If you’re feeling down after the whirlwind of emotions that come with pregnancy and child birth, you’re not alone. Did you know? Approximately 8 in 10 new mothers feel down after giving birth. What are the ‘baby blues’? It’s no secret that adjusting to being a mom is difficult. New moms will often feel tearful, … Continued

COVID-19 and pregnancy: What expecting moms need to know

Last update: 3/17/2020 Cases of coronavirus, COVID-19, have been confirmed in Minnesota so this new virus is all over the news. But what you may not have heard a lot about is how this illness may affect pregnant women and their unborn babies. We are answering some questions that expecting parents may have about COVID-19: … Continued

Is it safe to get vaccinations while pregnant?

All expecting moms have heard advice like, “What you eat, the baby eats.” But does this advice apply to everything that goes into your body while pregnant? The short answer to this question is, yes. This idea even applies to the vaccines you get. Here’s what moms should to know about getting immunizations while pregnant. … Continued

Mental health during pregnancy

Whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced one, pregnancy can bring on a lot of different feelings. At first, most parents are thrilled to be having a baby but, throughout the pregnancy, moms can start to have an array of emotions. Sometimes it’s a feeling of worry, but sometimes, expecting moms can experience new … Continued