Brr, Baby, Brr! Winterize Your Newborn

Baby, it’s not just cold outside, it’s freezing! And baby is entirely at your mercy to shield him from the elements. So snuggle up with this post, and learn how to keep your papoose protected. Love Those Layers The best way to hang on to heat is by making sure it doesn’t escape in the … Continued

Midwives: Masters of Maternity…and Beyond

When Melissa started planning her family, she knew she would have a midwife by her side. Being a postpartum nurse at The Mother Baby Center, she was well acquainted with the midwife team and eager to experience pregnancy and childbirth in their care. Melissa knew she could expect a hands-on approach, but what she got was so … Continued

The Pitter-Patter of 30,000 Feet

How do you fly with a newborn infant? In a word, PLAN. Here are some things to think about before you stroll across the jet bridge: Rules & Regs Not all airlines are created equal in terms of age restrictions (some allow infants to fly at 2 weeks old, some 2 months), lap travel (some … Continued

Bagging Rights (How to diaper-bag-smarter this summer)

You can probably guess the essentials for any diaper bag: Diapers Wipes Rash cream Burp cloth Nursing shawl Bottle Extra clothes Swaddle blanket Pacifier Hand sanitizer But we’re not here to tell you what you already know. We want you to be prepared for those forehead-smacking moments when you didn’t think of the thing … … Continued

What’s in a Name?

We’ll tell you. Because we checked in with The Mother Baby Centers at the end of 2018, just so we could bring you the top 10 baby names of last year. Enjoy! BOYS 1. Henry Germanic name that literally means “ruler of the house.” It could be helpful if he plans on governing over a … Continued