How reading helps children be BRAVE


Some of my favorite memories as a mom to young children involves our time snuggled together reading a favorite book. While it can be hard as a busy parent to find time for reading to your children, the benefits of it are countless. I’ve compiled some of my favorites into an easy-to-remember acronym. B is … Continued

Getting ready for school… 5 years in advance


As summer winds down and kids start filling desks and lining hallways at school, it’s a good time to talk about child development. Not all children arrive to school ready to learn. In fact, getting a healthy start begins long before kids step onto a school bus. As a mom and pediatrician, I know that … Continued

Eye contact helps babies learn to talk


As you adjust to life with a newborn, eventually a new normal sets in. You post pictures on social media. You commiserate with other new parents about survival on minutes of sleep and strong coffee. You wonder why you can’t remember the social life you had just a few weeks ago before this arrival. You … Continued

Foundation for Life: The Infant Toddler Brain

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Building the foundation for a lifetime Birth to age three offers an amazing opportunity to influence the entire trajectory of a child’s life. Research indicates that 80 percent of brain development occurs by age three. In Minnesota, that means 275,000 children are in this critical stage of development. There is a growing body of scientific … Continued

The Truth About Inducing Labor


Much to the disappointment of expectant moms, some babies like to be fashionably late and arrive on a birth date of their choosing. While you are waiting for your baby to make his or her grand entrance, you will undoubtedly hear an excess of tips on how to get labor started. Here’s the truth about … Continued