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Alcohol and Pregnancy Don’t Mix

Friends hanging out having drinks while pregnant friend has water.

Finding out you are going to have a baby can be one of the best days of your life. You’ll quickly realize you would do anything for your soon-to-be newborn, even if that means giving up habits and foods that you enjoy.

Drinking alcohol, even in small amounts while pregnant, can be harmful to you and your baby. When a pregnant mom drinks alcohol, her child may be affected in certain ways, like: delays with learning, difficulty with attention and trouble with memory. These effects are called Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, or FASD.

For some women eliminating alcohol will be easy, for others, it may be more challenging. For women who find it difficult to eliminate alcohol during pregnancy, there are resources that can help. As an example, Proof Alliance is an organization that is committed to helping mothers avoid alcohol during their pregnancy.

Proof Alliance has some easy-to-follow suggestions for ways you can avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy and support programs to prevent FASD including:

Community Events

Proof Alliance participates in many community events throughout Minnesota that promote alcohol-free pregnancies. The people at these events discuss the importance of making sure you plan for an alcohol-free pregnancy and other ways you can avoid it. Proof Alliance staff and volunteers will provide you with prevention tactics as well at these events.

Make Mocktails

Make sure to avoid alcohol while trying to get pregnant or during pregnancy. There are many mocktails you can make to feel like you’re still having a “fun” drink but this way, you’re keeping your baby safe. A mocktail is simply an alcohol-free drink. Proof Alliance has hundreds of mocktail recipes for you to try out and enjoy!


The Mother Baby Center wants you to have the healthiest and safest pregnancy possible. We hope you plan an alcohol-free pregnancy for now and in the future.