High risk pregnancy

A doctor discussing birth options with a pregnant woman and her partner. All three people are wearing masks.

If your primary care provider, obstetrician or other specialist has a concern regarding your pregnancy, you may be referred to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, which is a health care provider who specializes in caring for those with high-risk pregnancies and babies with complex needs.

A pregnancy may be considered high risk if you:

  • Are pregnant with more than one baby
  • Are 35 or over
  • Have had significant problems with previous pregnancies
  • Have a health problem or develop a health problem that may worsen during pregnancy (such as gestational diabetes)
  • Have a baby diagnosed with a medical condition that requires special care

Most patients can continue to see their primary care provider while the perinatologist works with your provider as a consultant. Some patients, based on medical history or pregnancy course, may be recommended to be transferred to a specialist.

Minnesota Perinatal Physicians provides high-risk pregnancy care for those in the five-state region. Our perinatologists care for mothers and their babies while they are in utero (in the womb). Meet our perinatologists.

Midwest Fetal Care Center experts diagnose and treat potentially life-threatening conditions in babies before they are born. Our fetal surgeons are skilled in procedures such as fetal transfusion for anemia, fetal surgery for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, and more. Meet our care team.