Did you say twins?


David I. Lynch-Salamon, MD Finding out you are pregnant with more than one baby is definitely exciting and likely a little intimidating for most women and their families. Even though multiple births are more common these days, a nervous “what happens now?” usually follows the big news. In caring for women who are expecting twins … Continued

Make exercise a priority during pregnancy

Elisa Wright, MD You’re pregnant. Congratulations! Besides the nausea and fatigue, you probably have many questions: “What should I eat? What shouldn’t I eat? What vitamins or supplements should I take? Which doctor should I see?” So many questions. At The Mother Baby Center, we would like to help answer one of these important questions. … Continued

The Mother Baby Center spotlight on Kelly Drake, RNC

The Mother Baby Center is made up of an extraordinary staff of talented, dedicated health care professionals. We’ll highlight them here on the Great Beginnings blog. With that, we’d like to introduce Kelly Drake, RNC. What’s your job title? Describe your role. I am a registered nurse in labor and delivery. I love the fact … Continued

Expecting? Here’s a roadmap for your birthing preferences.

For expecting mothers, the number of factors to consider during labor, delivery and recovery can be daunting—especially for first-timers. Because each pregnancy is unique, it’s important to map out all possibilities for different scenarios and determine your preferences for when the baby comes. The Mother Baby Center is dedicated to providing as many birthing options … Continued

Birthing The Mother Baby Center: Maternal amenities

What would the ideal place to have a baby look like? What innovative services would it provide? Specialists in maternal-fetal medicine have asked this question for years, and the past decade has seen the emergence of several specialized birthing hospitals throughout the country, most recently in Minnesota. As well as providing the foremost clinical care … Continued