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When Baby Comes Early: Kate & Solomon’s Story


Kate never expected to deliver her baby at 30 weeks pregnant. She and her husband Brett had just completed birthing classes and a tour of The Mother Baby Center, thinking they still had plenty of time to prepare for the birth of their baby boy.

At her 30-week appointment, however, Kate’s doctor, Daniel Chow, told her that she needed to go to the hospital immediately. Kate says she will never forget his words: “You made it to 30 weeks. That is an important milestone. Your child will be okay and is in excellent hands.”

Birth doesn’t always go as planned, and The Mother Baby Center at Abbott Northwestern and Children’s Minnesota is equipped for both routine and high-risk pregnancies. So when Kate arrived at The Mother Baby Center filled with fear, she was met by nurses who made her feel calm.

“I was never made to feel like my situation was a tragedy or grave,” said Kate. “I was treated with great kindness and support for whatever the following minutes, hours, or days may bring.”

The nurses even used aromatherapy to help calm Kate’s anxiety.

One of the nurses told Kate the news that she needed to be moved to the operating room for an emergency delivery. Kate was devastated. The nurse held her hand as she was wheeled to the OR. It was at this moment that Kate had a moment of clarity—she knew that her baby boy would be named Solomon.

Even in the bright operating room, the team of doctors and nurses still embodied a sense of calm for Kate and her husband.

When Sol was born by vaginal birth with no pain medication, the team let Kate know that he would need to visit the NICU down the hall at Children’s for some follow-up evaluations. But first, they made sure she had a moment with her son. “I’ll never forget his sweet little Muppet face. I will cherish that second forever,” said Kate.


The team also told Kate that Sol’s APGAR scores were 9s. She knew then that, despite the odds against him, he was going to be just fine.

While Sol received top-notch care from Children’s special care nursery staff, the nurses at The Mother Baby Center helped Kate adjust to being a new mom.

“The overnight nurse spent the entire night with me, helping me get comfortable in my swanky room. She taught me so much about the critical new mom things, including how to use the breast pump. What a gem she was to help ease me into this new world,” explained Kate.

Today, Sol is a healthy four-year-old who loves The Wizard of Oz, chips and spicy guacamole, and exploring the city with his mom and dad.



To other families considering The Mother Baby Center, whether in Minneapolis, St. Paul or Coon Rapids, Kate has this message: “Whatever your labor experience plans may be, The Mother Baby Center will tailor their specialized and heart-filled care around you and your baby to make it the best experience that bringing a human into this world can be.”


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