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Mother, Baby and Me: Kathrine Simon

We’re kicking off a regular feature where we highlight staff who make The Mother Baby Center a great place to have a baby, a great place to be a baby. We thought who better to introduce you to than the midwife who “caught” the first baby at the Center on the day it opened — Feb. 4, 2013.

Meet Kathrine Simon, who’s been practicing as a certified nurse-midwife since 2002. She owns North Metro Midwives, a practice she started in 2004. Simon became a nurse in 1991, and her first job was working in  hospice care.

This week, Simon took some time to answer a few questions:

What was it like getting to deliver the first baby at The Mother Baby Center? I was honored to catch the first baby.  It was beautiful to watch a woman who was so confident and connected with her baby and body. I shouldn’t really claim credit as the father assisted his daughter into this world.  I admit I was doing a dance outside the room after!  Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota are known for the high-risk births;  I tell all our moms that you can also have a great, normal physiological birth experience there with the knowledge that we can provide the most comprehensive services for any mother, baby or medical condition.  We have a great team that includes the most amazing nurses who provide the birth experience a family wants.

How many babies have you delivered?  I have only delivered three babies (I should take double credit for my first as he topped the scales at 11 pounds, 3 ounces).  I am not sure how many  babies I’ve “caught.” It’s  somewhere around 1,800.  I am known for catching four water-birth babies in 25 hours during a full moon in February 2012.  We had to have a cab bring extra supplies from another hospital at 2 a.m..  The driver was very confused.  I also had the pleasure of catching a baby in the Perkins parking lot.

Why did you become a midwife? I became a midwife after working as a nurse in labor and delivery.  I wanted to know a family throughout their lifetime and not for a brief moment.  I wanted to make a difference by calming women’s fears during delivery and encouraging natural birth. I appreciate the nurse-midwifery model of wellness and holistic care. I also appreciate being part of a strong team of medical providers, who together we provide the most comprehensive care for all women.  My great-grandmother was a traditional midwife and assisted immigrant women during birth.  At that time she also did their laundry, cooked a meal and cleaned.  I am not sure that anyone would want my cooking!  Certified nurse-midwives provide full-scope health care to women of all ages, throughout the life cycle.

What do you love about your job?  I love everything about my career!  I don’t think of it as work.  I have been at a birth watching others on their way to work and thought how sad it was they had to go to work when someone mentioned that I was at work, too.  My days are never the same, from the thrill of birth to the deep connections I have with women and families, even when difficult times are present. I am blessed to have the opportunity to practice as a certified nurse-midwife.  Every interaction I have is an opportunity for me to grow and learn.  It is about the connections we have with others.  Birth is an organic process that helps us all find an understanding in patience.

Do you have hopes and dreams for the babies you deliver? What are they? The only hope for the little ones is that they make an impact on the world in a positive way and to be happy in life!  Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad thought for them to thank their parents for giving them life!

What’s essential for a great beginning? The most essential components for a great beginning are to eat a good diet, take care of your physical and emotional self, believe in your body and its power, and have a team you trust at your side!