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Our February babies!

It’s been just over a month since we opened The Mother Baby Center, a partnership between Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Children’s, at our Minneapolis campus. Since then, we’ve seen very high volumes, and more important, some great examples of how we’re collaborating with our partners at Abbott to provide the best care for both mom and baby. Here are some of the impressive statistics from the Center so far:

  • 600: Members of the public who came to our grand opening celebration. More than 500 employees came through during our open house.
  • 320: Estimated number of public tours we expect to give to expecting parents this month. Tours are currently booked full through April 13.
  • 11: Babies born the first day we opened, including baby Gemma.
  • 310: Births as of the end of February.
  • 29: Babies who’ve been sent to the Special Care Nursery.
  • 12: Average number of labor and delivery patients per day.
  • 40: Infants who have utilized the Resuscitation Room and care team.
  • 20: Water births so far in our new water birth suite.
  • 12: Sets of twins born.
  • 1: Set of triplets born.
  • 5,000: Capacity for potential births at the Center this year.
  • 1,850: Likes on the Center’s Facebook page.
  • 33,000: Twitter accounts reached through our Twitter Tour.
  • 2.4 million: Media impressions (the number of people who may have seen an article, watched something on television, or read something on a website or blog) about the Center.
  • 25: Number of media placements about the opening of the Center.