Make exercise a priority during pregnancy

Elisa Wright, MD You’re pregnant. Congratulations! Besides the nausea and fatigue, you probably have many questions: “What should I eat? What shouldn’t I eat? What vitamins or supplements should I take? Which doctor should I see?” So many questions. At The Mother Baby Center, we would like to help answer one of these important questions. … Continued

Why I march for babies

By Jana Cinnamon I vividly remember the first time I held Sadie. She felt like she weighed no more than the purple blanket she was wrapped up in. It wasn’t at all what I imagined it would be like to hold my baby for the first time. We sat together in a rocking chair. I … Continued

A mom’s story: The power of walking

This is a guest blog post by Liz Keating. She’s a Family Advisory Council member at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and a mom of three. I had to be largely off my feet while pregnant with my first two kids. That was tough. Although I’ve never considered myself an athlete, my body and … Continued