Birth Center statistics

Baby, we’re the best. By choosing The Mother Baby Center, you are choosing two of the most trusted health care providers in the region:

You can be assured that you and your baby are getting the best care possible, but don’t take our word for it, let our outcomes speak for themselves:

The Mother Baby Center is a popular choice for families and referring doctors because we provide what moms want most: individualized care and comprehensive services. 

Our extensive variety of birthing options has led to The Mother Baby Center becoming a sought-after destination among moms-to-be.

Doctors and nurses at The Mother Baby Center carefully monitor mothers and babies after delivery and use established medical criteria to determine when they may safely return home from the hospital.

Many moms and babies may qualify for a home visit at no additional charge when discharged within 48 hours for a vaginal delivery and within 96 hours for a C-section delivery (Cesarean birth). Check with your insurance provider to determine coverage.

Women with complicated, high-risk pregnancies are more likely to require C-sections (Cesarean birth) than women with uncomplicated pregnancies. The percentage of C-section deliveries at The Mother Baby Center is slightly higher than other providers because of the high-risk population we serve. New processes put in place in recent years have helped to reduce the number of C-sections.